Little Spoon


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Founded in 2017 by Audria Adythia Evelnn, Bachelor Degree Graduate in Urban Sustainability (Regulation of population integration in an area) from Seattle University, Washington USA.

Little Spoon Farm is a Startup Farm that was built as a Pilot Project to show that using plant materials studied with local micro-organisms can be used as compost for any plant without the need for chemicals.

 The construction of a Green House on his land allows Little Spoon Farm to help provide plant seeds to local farmers and become a place where farmers can also learn and practice how to grow ORGANIC vegetables or "Regenerative Agriculture" with a ZERO WASTE management system.

With several local farmers as partners, and focused on growing local vegetables and beans so that during this Covid period, farmers can still sell their agricultural products because there are many expatriates who live in Bali and several hotels as buyers. From the method taught by Audria, it can increase the income of the Partner Farmers who are mentored under the guidance of Little Spoon Farm and Audria is also active as a Consultant for several NGO Projects, Hotels, Spas and in Bali.