About Legenda

Indonesia is a rich country. Not only in terms of natural resources, but also a variety of cultures. This diversity triggers the motto Bhineka Tunggal Ika which means different but still one. Even though it has various ethnic groups, cultures, religions, and groups, Indonesia is still one unit

Culinary and Crafts are also one of the tangible tangible cultural products that are very easy to recognize as the identity of a society. Many MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) and IRT (Household Industries) in Indonesia produce a variety of Indonesian foods and handicrafts.

In 2021, LeGenda was founded by Tasya Hardono together with her husband Hardy Kadarman. with the aim of introducing the products produced by MSMEs, Farmers and IRT and then selling their products to help the economy of the lower middle class.

LeGenda, will also introduce some traditional foods and products, such as Indonesian traditional herbal drink made from spices produced by farmers. Since time immemorial, herbal medicine has been used as a medicine made from plants and has many benefits for health and maintaining the immune system, which is much needed by the community during the current Covid pandemic.

In addition, many other traditional crafts such as Sumatran Songket, Balinese Woven Fabrics, Sumba Weaving Fabrics, Papuan Noken Bags, Kalimantan Purun Bags, Javanese Wayang and many others are produced by the people of each region in Indonesia.


Little Spoon


Website : www.littlespoon.farm

Founded in 2017 by Audria Adythia Evelnn, Bachelor Degree Graduate in Urban Sustainability (Regulation of population integration in an area) from Seattle University, Washington USA.

Little Spoon Farm is a Startup Farm that was built as a Pilot Project to show that using plant materials studied with local micro-organisms can be used as compost for any plant without the need for chemicals.

 The construction of a Green House on his land allows Little Spoon Farm to help provide plant seeds to local farmers and become a place where farmers can also learn and practice how to grow ORGANIC vegetables or "Regenerative Agriculture" with a ZERO WASTE management system.

With several local farmers as partners, and focused on growing local vegetables and beans so that during this Covid period, farmers can still sell their agricultural products because there are many expatriates who live in Bali and several hotels as buyers. From the method taught by Audria, it can increase the income of the Partner Farmers who are mentored under the guidance of Little Spoon Farm and Audria is also active as a Consultant for several NGO Projects, Hotels, Spas and in Bali.


Website : www.o-rel.com

Aurelia Evelyn Santoso is a famous designer who graduated from Raffles University Singapore with her fashion brand.


“OREL” which collaborates and guides the craftsmen/weavers and clothing collectors including local fabrics, because Aurelia has a vision and mission so that through fashion it can also have a positive impact on the environment and people's lives in general. AURELIA, specializes in Hand Picked all items and also often participates in various events such as Los Angeles Fashion Week, Mercedez-Benz Fashion week Australia, Jakarta Fashion Week, and many more.


Website : www.waroeng.shop

WaRoeNG is the first store selling Indonesian products in Chicago, USA. WaRoeNG sells snack products, dry seasonings, instant spices, sauces and other hard-to-find spices for cooking and making Indonesian cakes. In addition, WARoeENG sells several Indonesian handicrafts and arts.

WARoeENG is a place where Indonesian citizens living abroad can treat their longing for the taste of Indonesia.


Website : www.waroeng.shop

Minahasa Restaurant was founded by Chef John Avila together with his mother, Betty. Minahasa serves a variety of Indonesian specialties, especially North Sulawesi dishes such as Yellow Rice, Various Satays with Peanut Sauce, Layer Cakes, Egg Rolls and many more.


With the presence of Minahasa Restaurant in Chicago USA, Chicago residents can taste Indonesian food delicacies and Indonesian citizens living in America can treat their longing for food, therefore MINAHASA always provides a variety of Indonesian food menus in order to introduce Indonesian cuisine to international eyes. .

Out of Asia

Address : 2303 West Schaumburg Road, Schaumburg Illinois 60194, United States

Established in Bali in 1994 as a Limited Liability Company for Foreign Investment/PMA. In 1996, due to the growth of the business, the office and warehouse were moved to the city of Bantul, Yogyakarta. After 10 years of operation, he became part of PT. Mitra Adi Perkasa/MAP Tbk. as a PMDN Limited Liability Company. 99% owned by PT. Alun - Alun Indonesia Kreasi and 1% by PT. Internusa Sustainable Harvest.

The product range is very wide, with a variety of designs and materials. OOA has served Expot for WALMART, TARGET, BED & BATH, and many other companies in the USA. Examples of OOA products include bathroom accessories, candle holders, decorative accessories, garden & filler, kitchen & table tops, paintings & wall décor, photo frames, stone carving, storages, table linen.

It has 121 employees and more than 3,000 craftsmen spread across several islands including Lombok, Bali, Java and parts of Sumatra.